Biological Dentistry

Bio-Intergrative Dentistry

Bi-Integrative Dentistry is based on the philosophy that the oral cavity, namely the teeth, gums, the supporting bone, and the underlying Jaw, can have a major impact on the overall health of the patient, and are inherently connected in form and function. Therefore, It is important to use all available whole-body medical information in assessing the type of treatment most suited to address the patient’s overall dental needs. When necessary, Dr. Homanfar works closely in consultation with your physician to arrive at the treatment best suited to your overall dental care.

Dr. Homanfar believes in implementing the most advanced, least invasive, and most bio-compatible dental techniques and materials, to arrive at the best possible solutions to your dental needs and concerns. Through the use of cutting edge dental technology, such as Laser dentistry, Cerec 3D restorations, Zirconia Implants and dental restorations, Virtual 3D surgical planning, and the latest advances in All Ceramic dental fillings and crowns, Dr. Homanfar Brings to you all the best options available in arriving at the solution to your dental needs.

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