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Dr. Homanfar obtained his B.S. degree in Developmental Biology from University of Nevada Reno in 1987. He subsequently attended University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco in 1988, where he obtained a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Subsequently, he attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he spent a year at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Homanfar spent the majority of this time treating patients with complex and challenging Dental and Medical conditions. Following his tenure at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Homanfar spent the subsequent year as a Teaching Fellow at Ohio State University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He spent his time equally teaching Oral Surgery as well as performing various dental procedures.


A resin base partial denture has become the number one choice for patients who wear partial dentures.The resin is a bio-compatible nylon thermoplastic with distinctive physical and esthetic assets that provide unconstrained design, flexibility and removes the concern that you or your patients may have regarding acrylic allergies.

Some of the most common benefits on a Resin Partial are:

-Hygienic — resistant to stain and odors.

-Esthetics appearance — pink shades that allow your patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material

-Comfort — lightweight, thin and adaptable.

-Strength — resilient, more resilient than acrylic. 

Are you still interested in a Metal based Partial? Not a problem, we also still provide the metal frame partial to patients. Not all patients are a proper candidate for a resin partial, so we still have the best metal frame partial available for our patients needs.

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