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Patient Financing


Patient Financing

Care credit

Loan Officer

Savannah Rodriquez

Mortgage Lender

Luke Hamilton


Patient Financing 

Recommended Payment Plans

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Care Credit

Recommended Payment Plan

patient financing 

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Savannah Rodriquez

Greater Nevada Credit Union Loan Officer

775-329-6673 x 5963S

Savannah, a loan officer at Greater Nevada Credit Union, specializes in assisting patients with securing loans for dental procedures at our office. If you are seeking a private loan for your dental care needs, reach out to Savannah for personalized assistance and support in financing your treatments.

meet Savannah

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Smile Across the Boarders!

Accommodation Options: This hotel is conveniently located next door to our office, providing easy access for our patients. Accommodation Options: This hotel is conveniently located next door to our office, providing easy access for our patients.
Homewood Suites by Hilton Reno:
5450 Kietzke Ln, Reno, NV 89511
 (775) 853-7100
Local Attractions: Explore the vibrant city of Reno, Nevada, and its array of attractions, from the stunning Lake Tahoe in the summer to thrilling skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Indulge in shopping excursions and savor diverse culinary experiences at the numerous malls and restaurants, making your stay memorable and enjoyable.
We are pleased to offer 24-hour support to all our patients, ensuring that your dental care needs are prioritized and addressed promptly. Your well-being and comfort are important to us, and we are here to provide assistance whenever you may require it.

If you are traveling to our office from out of state, here are some resources that may help make your stay more convenient:


In this video, you will discover the side effects of metal-silver, commonly known as mercury fillings. At our office, we prioritize safety and take special precautions when removing these mercury fillings to ensure a safe and effective process. By addressing the potential risks associated with mercury fillings, we aim to provide our patients with the best and safest dental care possible.

Smoking tooth

The meridian chart is believed to reveal connections between specific teeth and various organs in the body. Each tooth is thought to be associated with specific organs, and this chart serves as a guide to identify the corresponding relationships between teeth and organs. By understanding these connections, practitioners may gain insights into potential health issues and how they relate to dental health.

Meridan Tooth Chart

"Root Cause" is a Netflix special that delves into the potential harm root canals can pose to the body, exploring why some dentists and doctors recommend their removal. This documentary raises important questions about the impact of root canals on overall health and sheds light on alternative perspectives within the dental and medical communities.

Root Cause

iv drips


Dr. Nario, affectionately known as Dr. Melvin by our friends and patients, collaborates closely with Dr. Homanfar. With extensive experience and exceptional medical education, Dr. Nario is not only an MD but also a holistic practitioner in Reno. He offers services such as IV Vitamin C and more to support our patients after significant procedures, ensuring optimal care and recovery.

Melvin Nario, MD, HMD, ANP

Bio Integrative Health Center International

Gerber Medical Clinic

Dr. Michael Gerber, a holistic practitioner in Reno, Nevada, has collaborated with Dr. Homanfar for over a decade, offering exceptional pre-operative and aftercare services to Dr. Homanfar's patients. With a focus on holistic health, Dr. Gerber provides valuable treatments such as IV vitamin drips and a range of other supportive services, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care for their well-being.

Meet Dr. Michael L. Gerber, HMD

SDS Swiss dental implants are innovative in that they can be placed on the same day as extraction, preserving oral bone and minimizing trauma while providing patients with expedited results. These implants are both biocompatible and non-metal, offering a modern and efficient solution for dental restoration.


Our dental implants in the office utilize SDS Swiss technology. 

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